5 exercise myths banished.


Exercise is a vital part of our day to day life if we wish to keep our minds and bodies functioning as

well as they should. Many and detailed studies have been carried out to prove the benefit of

exercise on not only our bones and muscles, but also on our mental wellbeing and moods.

These days, exercise can be done through a variety of different mediums. The gym remains a

popular energy outlet for obvious reasons, but if you don’t fancy that then dance classes, Zumba,

yoga, swimming or even just walking the dog are some of your other options. There is enough

information about the positive effects of exercise out there in some form or other, that everyone

has access to this vital information. However, as with all information, there are proven facts and

then there are the myths or rumours that inevitably spread and contort these facts. Below are five of

the top exercise myths.

1. Sweating = a good workout. Many people are fooled into believing that you have only had

an efficient workout if you are dripping in sweat. But the truth is very different. Sweating is

an important process which cools the body – but it has very little to do with burning calories.

Instead, it’s your heart rate which you should focus on.

2. The ‘no pain, no gain’ rule. Again, exercise aficionados often believe that they only benefit if

their legs ache the following day. This is not true. Studies show that moderate exercise has

the same decreased effect on mortality as high intensity exercise. The things to target are

consistency and working in your optimum exercise heart rate zone, which is 70-80% of its

resting rate.

3. Exercise will transform fat to muscle. Not so. Exercise certainly helps to burn off fat and

build lean muscle, but there is no actual direct conversion. To decrease fat and increase

muscle tone then a mixture of exercise, cardiovascular work, strength training and

consuming 500 fewer calories per day are some of the steps to be following.

4. In order to lose weight you have to join a gym. This belief is enough to put many people off.

Most gym memberships are an expense that many people cannot spare. And the good news

is that they don’t have to! There are many, many different ways of achieving the same

exercise benefits, some of which can be done in the comfort of your own home. These are

things like exercise videos, dumbbells and stability ball use. Alternatively, you can simply get

out and about walking a few miles a week and before you know it you will feel fitter and


5. It’s only worth it if you exercise regularly. Contrary to popular opinion, every bit of exercise

is worth it. Your health improves every single time that you exercise. For example, a 30

minute walk will burn calories, reduce moderately elevated blood pressure and have a

positive impact on your blood sugar levels – leading to decreased desire for snacking. Each

adult is recommended to do two and a half hours of exercise per week – this converts into

just 22 minutes per day! Easily achievable for the majority.


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