Did you know that if you ate a polar bears liver that you would die?


This is absolutely true. Polar bear liver is chock full of vitamin A, so much so that if a human being

consumed an entire liver, we would have vitamin A overdose and our bodies can’t deal with it so we

would die. It’s one of the facts that you pick up somehow but you never quite know where. The body

is full of little vagaries and there are some health facts which are quite astounding!

Your feet get bigger as you age. Most people think that you reach your shoe size in late childhood

and that’s where your feet stay. But actually, as you age your foot arches decrease and the foot

becomes wider which means the shape changes and very often people who are 80 plus years old

have gained an entire shoe size.

Your teeth can move with age. Often connected to losing bone, which can cause the teeth to shift

around, it’s possible to end up with a very different set of teeth to the ones that you started your

adult life with. So, should you get a mouth guard fitted when you’re 30, the chances are that it won’t

fit when you’re 90.

Banging your head against a brick wall will burn 150 calories per hour. And you thought exercise was


Want to hide your identity? Not many people know that as well as fingerprints, your tongue also

holds a unique genetic print, applicable only to you. So if you want to stay hidden, keep that tongue


Snakes are traditionally associated with shedding skin, but actually, the average human being sheds

more than 600,000 particles of skin every hour. Put together, that equates to 1.5 lb of skin per year –

or an astonishing 105lb of shed skin by the age of 70.

Babies have 350 bones. Adults have 206. Where do they go? As humans grow, some of their bones

become fused together which means that we die with less bones than we were born with. Strange


And did you know that your body produces a new stomach lining every 3-4 days? This is because if

we didn’t, strong acids would digest our stomach as well as food. There is also a complete

regeneration of every cell in our skeleton every seven years. Understanding this process, i.e. why a

cut will heal and disappear in two weeks, will allow the medical world to pinpoint exactly what it is

that helps the human body regenerate.

Not for the squeamish – every square inch of the human body has more than 32 million bacteria on

it. Happily, most are harmless.

And finally, a real trivia one, the average human being produces enough saliva during their lifetime

to fill two swimming pools!

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