Staying healthy in the workplace.


Most adults these days are well acquainted with how best to stay healthy; what to eat and how to

exercise and so on. However for those in an office-based environment, it is more of a challenge to

stay in peak health due to the sedentary nature of the job. Luckily, there are some easy tips to follow

which could improve your overall health – even while you work.

1. Keep your desk tidy. Make sure everything is organised and remember to clean your desk,

phone, computer keyboard, etc. once a week with antibacterial wipes. Germs breed like

wildfire in places like this and it’s best to be precautionary. Keeping everything in a way that

is organised reduces stress and strain in the workplace.

2. Keep the correct posture. It’s important to keep the correct posture while you work so that

you don’t damage your muscles. Keep your feet flat on the floor and ensure that your knees

and arms are at right angles. Your eyes should be level with the top edge of the computer

screen, with the screen itself tilted upwards. This will stop you straining your neck.

3. Keep your blood flowing. This is easily achieved by getting up once per hour and walking

around a bit. You could walk outside for a minute or just around the office. In addition, make

an effort to do things in person rather than rely on technology. For example, rather than

send an email, go to your colleague and deliver the message in person.

4. Gossip. Try not to get involved with it. It can be hard in a work environment sometimes to

avoid gossiping, especially after the Christmas party, but it is well worth your while making

the effort. Recent studies show that gossiping can have a dramatic psychological impact on

both parties. It leads to bad feeling and increased insecurity in the workplace – neither of

which are conducive to a calm, relaxed, productive environment.

5. Snacking. It’s inevitable. Most people spent somewhere around 8 hours in their workplace

and consume one meal and two snacks in this time. However, choosing to snack on healthy

foods can benefit the worker enormously. As well as the positive nutritional benefits, eating

less processed or junk food and more seeds, wholegrains, nuts and salads can prevent the

blood sugar crash that so often happens either after lunch or mid-afternoon. You will feel

much more alert, awake and productive.

6. Eat lunch. It might sound like an obvious thing, but skipping lunch is a big no-no. Your energy

levels are critical to your ability to think and function and these are badly affected by missing

a meal. It’s also important not to eat at your desk, but instead try and get up and go outside

of the office to eat. Changing environment periodically during the day is vital to staying


7. Stay hydrated. Drinking coffee and tea is all very well, but it’s water intake which will dictate

how fresh and alert you feel. The human body is largely made up of water and keeping

ourselves hydrated is a number one priority.


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