What are the benefits of having a First Aid certificate at work?


Why first aid at all?

Learning first aid is an area which is rapidly expanding and becoming more popular, both in the

workplace and outside. With more and more companies now offering specific first aid training, the

uptake is larger than ever before. Hospitals are now offering a paediatric first aid course with the

birth of a new baby and sometimes people are choosing to complete a first aid course simply for

their peace of mind. But professionally speaking – what are the specific benefits to holding a first aid

certificate at work?

Why first aid in the workplace?

In some industries, such as building and factory work, it’s quite obvious how first aid qualifications

among employees could prove useful. The risk factor for those in these workplaces are significantly

more pronounced. However for the sedentary, office, occupations it’s a bit more difficult to see the

reasoning. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t any. Firstly, it is a legal requirement for companies

to ensure that a first aid trained individual is on-site at all times. You never know when an incident

may happen – or when that incident could be life threatening. Quite often first aid assistance can be

the difference between life and death. In the same way that shops and supermarkets now have easy

access to on-site defibrillators, learning just a few skills can make a tremendous difference in an

emergency situation.

Just a scratch?

However, even when it’s not a life-threatening event, first aid care is still tremendously important. A

trained first-aider can deal with minor incidents, for example the cleaning of a cut which may

otherwise go on to become infected and become a lot worse. It’s only a small injury but swift and

competent treatment can prevent it from becoming a large one. Likewise with a strain or sprain of a

limb; quite often these injuries need to be bandaged immediately for appropriate support and the

ability to do that can lessen recovery time and reduce pain.

Subconscious awareness

Another key factor in first aid in the workplace are the unconscious benefits that it promotes.

Making employees aware of basic first aid issues means that issues are identified sooner and a safer

workplace is being provided. Plus the obvious factor that the more people there are who have been

trained in first aid, the more likely it is that someone with the necessary skills will be nearby if an

accident should occur.


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